Dark Mode ADHD Elysium: Digital Planner for Creative Minds

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Unlock your ADHD brain’s potential with our Dark Mode ADHD Digital Planner. Packed with 260+ hyperlinked pages, 240 digital stickers, and expert support, this planner is designed for your unique needs. Stay organized, prioritize tasks, track habits, manage finances, and boost productivity effortlessly. Discover the power of flexible planning, tailored for ADHD minds. Compatible with popular annotation apps on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Join over 50,000 satisfied users and embrace your neurodivergent brilliance today!

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**🌚 Empower Your ADHD Mind with the Dark Mode ADHD Digital Planner 🌚**

[Please note: You need an annotation app to use this digital planner, and there are various free and affordable options available. Check the full compatibility section below.]

**✨ What’s New in the 2024 Version: Fully Hyperlinked Calendars with Side-Tabs ✨**

Upon downloading, you’ll have the choice between the original build-as-you-go planner or the new 365 fully hyperlinked version, where every calendar day links to a daily page. Both versions contain 260 templates and dated calendars for Jan-Dec 2024 with side tabs.

**✅ What’s Included in This ADHD Planner Bundle ✅**

– 260+ page hyperlinked ADHD planner file
– Choose between Sunday or Monday start
– Option for 365 or build-your-own
– 240 digital stickers
– Quick start guide for a smooth start
– Video tutorials
– Setup Wizard & support articles
– Customer support chat with real humans who can assist you

**❤️ Loved by Over 50,000 People ❤️**

Traditional planners might not work for everyone, especially those with ADHD. This ADHD planner is designed to be flexible and supportive of your creative, fast-brained ADHD mind. It’s recommended by therapists, psychologists, and behavioral scientists.

**Unique Features of the Planner:**

– Hyperfocus Lotus
– Impulse Buy Checklist
– 10&10 Savings Method
– Div/Con Planning
– Symmetry Stress-Relief

**Device Compatibility:**

Custom-built setup wizard and video tutorials for Apple, Android, and Windows devices are provided. Recommended apps include Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, and more. Stylus or Apple Pencil for the best experience. Please note that it’s not compatible with OneNote or Kindle Fire.


– 2024 dated planners (Sun or Mon start)
– Year at a glance – 2024
– Undated calendar
– Lifetime updates to access all future annual editions of the planner

**Science Tips: Understand Your ADHD Brain**

The planner includes scientific explanations related to ADHD and its impact on time perception, thinking patterns, money management, motivation, focus, exercise, and hyperfocus.

**Get Things Done: Daily Prioritizing and Productivity Pages**

Includes various layouts for daily and weekly planning, monthly overviews, and task-specific templates to help you get things done.

**Remember Stuff: Tracking Tools**

Track new friends’ names, deep conversations, the “ADHD tax,” hyper-focus topics, parcel arrivals, podcasts, books, assignments, and passwords.

**Projects: Notebook Stack**

Five blank notebooks for tracking your creative ideas and projects.

**Finance: Conscious Cash**

Budgeting templates designed specifically for ADHD brains, including savings goals and expense tracking.

**Healthy Habit Setting:**

Tools to establish and track healthy habits, including self-care assessments, habit visualization, and habit evaluation.

**Self Care:**

Track your mood, self-care routine, sleep, screen time, fitness, and more.

**Home: Domestic Domination**

Guides for digital and home declutter, meal planning, and tracking plant and pet care.

**Work: Unique Focus Tools**

Tools to improve focus and productivity, including the Hyper-focus Lotus and phone call focus pages.

**Mental Health: Unwind Un-mind**

Tools to unwind and relax, plus pages for coloring and symmetry stress relief.


Choose from 14 beautiful cover options.

**Bonus Add-Ons:**

– 240 Digital Sticker Pack
– Printable ‘Color to Calm’ and ‘Symmetry Stress-relief’ carry cards

**About the Creator:**

Grace, the creator, was diagnosed with ADHD in her 30s and is an ADHD educator, speaker, writer, and podcast host. She takes a scientific approach to create tools that work with neurodivergent brains.

[Digital Download: This is a digital planner for personal use. No physical items will be shipped.]

Copyright © 2024 by Grace from Future ADHD. Personal use only; no commercial distribution or alteration allowed. For inquiries, contact support[at] Respect creators’ work.


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